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Shoulder Pain

Patients with Shoulder Problems:

  • Initially I had much difficulty doing some very basic functional activities, like reaching above my head to get things out of my home/classroom cabinets, writing on my classroom whiteboard, washing my hair, drying and styling my hair, etc… Now I can lift above my head, wash, dry, and style my hair, write for prolonged periods of time on my classroom whiteboards, carry more than 10Lbs of boxes, and clean my house without severe pain.Josephine P.


  • When I started treatment I would feel pain in my shoulder with typical everyday movement. After only a couple weeks I no longer feel pain with everyday movement and the pain has reduced noticeably when I reach for something. Robert S.
  • Considering the fact that I had no range of motion is my left shoulder, the opposite is the case now! I will recommend your team in this facility to all who are in need of professional, caring, and talented services! Eileen E.
  • I am able to lift my arm above my head with a lot less pain. It is easier to get dressed and do things at school. I have a lot more movement. Chase R.

  • Since receiving PT I have increased range of motion in my right shoulder, more stability, and less pain. –Beth B.
  • Before I had my surgery on my shoulder I had a lot of pain. I couldn’t reach, lift, or do my hair. Since surgery and with doing rehab at Achieve I can now do all these things with little pain. I am even taking a belly dancing class and I have to move my arm for that. They have showed me how to improve my mobility and strength so that I can feel close to normal again. –Carole G.